Technical Equipment

Gauging equipment

To ensure the highest precision of our manufacturing process we employ the following gauging equipment and processes:

Max Auer CNC Machining - CNC Lathing / CNC Turning - CNC Milling

3D CNC measuring machine: Mitutoyo SN-1106

  • Area: 1,100 mm x 650 mm x 450 mm
  • Resolution: .0005 mm

3D CNC measuring machine: Mitutoyo Crystal-Apex C

  • Area: X = 505 / Y = 705 / Z = 405
  • Resolution: .0001 mm

Contour graph / profile gauge: Mitutoyo CV 500

Profile projector: Mitutoyo PJ-3000

Round test: Mitutoyo RA 100

Measuring machine: Mitutoyo Linear Height 600

Measuring machine: Trimos Vertikal 500

Hardness testing according to Rockwell, Vickers, and Brinell: Zwick

Surface and roughness testing equipment: Hommelwerke

Measuring tools & instruments: Mahr - Feinpr├╝f - Perthen

Various other gauging equipment

All tests are undertaken under certified conditions in the environment of a climate-controlled room.