Max Auer CNC Machining • CNC Lathing • CNC Milling


Your address for precision lathed and milled parts - made in Germany

Founded in 1920, Max Auer offers decades of experience in the environmentally friendly manufacture of highly complex, ready-to-install CNC lathed parts and CNC milled parts. We are committed to the protection of the environment.

We employ different manufacturing methods, e.g. CNC circular grinding, centreless grinding, honing, thread rolling, cold roll forming or the latest in welding technology such as electronic beam and tungsten inert gas welding.

All data can be exchanged electronically by EDI (bi-directional according to VDA standard). Integration into the control of your production process following the Kanban system or just-in-time delivery of CNC turned parts and CNC milled parts is possible.

We manufacture at two locations in Germany, in Berlin and Hanover. We deliver ready-to-install, high precision lathed and milled parts to customers worldwide, e.g. in Europe, Asia and South America.