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Education initiative: internship & training position in Berlin Tempelhof-Mariendorf

At the beginning of each training year our CNC turning shop offers one to two apprenticeships as machining mechanic, maintenance technician (combined mechanical and electrical) or industrial manager. Interns are also welcome at Max Auer in Berlin.

RingPraktikum im Netzwerk GroßbeerenstraßeIn cooperation with the Network Großbeerenstraße the idea of a ring-internship was born. During the internship students have the opportunity to meet several companies in different industries. Max Auer also participates in the ring-internship of the enterprise network.

The ring-internship was successfully performed several times.

Ringpraktikum 2011

- Information about the ring-internship of the Network Großbeerenstraße

- Information about the CNC turning shop Max Auer as one of the stations of the ring-internship

MentoringThe network Großbeerenstraße has participated in the state program "mentoring". The aim is to develop an attractive employer brand. The decisive measures also include the ring-intership: here students have the opportunity to first meet their future training company and to work on genuine orders in different industry sectors.

Initiative against xenophobia and discrimination

Initiative gegen FremdenfeindlichkeitAs a member of the network Großbeerenstraße Max Auer was actively involved in the development of the initiative "Network with courage - Against xenophobia and discrimination".

The Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts have awarded the network initiative "Network with courage - Against xenophobia and discrimination" with the Franz von Mendelssohn Medaille 2013.

Under 50 competitors the corporate network got second place with its campain against right-wing extremism and was awarded the second prize worth 3,000 EUR.


Because of the increasing right-wing activities in the vicinity of the site the corporate network had tackled this problem.